CorTek TAAS Bot

Traceability as a Service (TAAS) Automated Workflow System


Create process-based solutions your entire team will love. Apply logic to define policies and automated procedures to streamline business processes.

Implement new team workflows across multiple roles, departments or agencies using the CorTek TAAS system. This system allows you to share key information needed between the various entities while keeping privileged information private.


Track, analyze and adjust on the go to adapt to market demands, regulatory upgrades or schedule deviations using the automated notification system.

Optimize your workflow by pushing daily tasks to complete to individual user dashboards ensuring smooth communication and an efficient flow of information. The CorTek TAAS Bot optimizes business processes by creating a bi-directional interaction that becomes immutable in the distributed ledger chain. This allows for continuous process improvement and constant evolution of business performance.  


At CorTek, we have embraced progressive web apps (PWA) for the ability to access device features such as GPS and camera like a native app, but more for the offline first and ability to dynamically manage the cache and versioning by role. This is critical to make the code reusable across multiple roles in an application.

Our TAAS system, is what distributed ledger technology needs,to be widely adopted and actually help businesses to continuously improve.

Just as pinpointing inefficiencies in a supply chain is important, having the ability to trace processes across multiple industries is critical. The diagram is a visual representation of ineffective communication vs a very simplified CorTek TAAS BOT using bi-directional interaction that becomes immutable in the distributed ledger chain.

Government, health care, farm to table, cannabis quality & compliance, environmental, oil & gas, hydro, forestry and other industries require an immutable data chain that provides permissioned access to information that was not previously possible across multiple roles and groups or agencies. 

Imagine a Trustless Business Process Automated System that allowed multiple agencies or groups a way to interact and move through a process timeline securely with efficiency, not using emails and non-secure paths of communication. This immutable system would allow the agencies to share the “public” information and retain privacy for the “private” information held within the collaborating agencies.

A large project such as a pipeline or hydro project has many agents or groups working towards a common goal. You have indigenous communities, environmental studies, contractors, regulators, government, stakeholders etc all with a role to play.  Much of the information on the project for each group is private but for the data that needs to be shared among the various groups, it can be shared with a distributed ledger automated process manager like the CorTek TAAS. 

CorTek TAAS uses a swimlane process that connects the various groups together at the appropriate intersections throughout the process.