Traceability – Critical in the Cannabis Industry

Traceability – Critical in the Cannabis Industry

Introducing safety and traceability concepts that the food industry has steadily developed over many decades will yield huge benefits for cannabis businesses

CorTek will make it possible to follow the movement backwards (tracing) and forwards (tracking) of the cannabis plant all the way from seed to sale. By using our Traceability as a Service Software (TAAS), you will be able to track both chain of custody and the Safety and Quality of the end product. CorTek ensures a secure supply chain, taking measures to prevent black market product entering the legal market.

Using CorTek, for potential recalls, safety standards and regulatory compliance will help build trust in the cannabis industry. CorTek will allow for tracking through all points of production and distribution between the cannabis farm and end consumer. Public health hazards, such as toxic chemical contamination, mold growth and pathogenic contamination introduced by pests, or improper employee handling, need to be controlled in order to earn the public’s trust and comply with regulations.

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The national Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) was launched on October 17, 2018. It’s sole purpose is to monitor the flow of cannabis at a national level to meet regulatory requirements under the Cannabis Act. It is a rudimentary system that fails to address key components of a quality assured cannabis industry. It is imperative for cannabis growers to introduce a regulatory process, that ensures high quality and safety of the products leaving their facilities. We predict cannabis growers will be required to provide immutable records of every plant they grow and sell to the market that clearly shows the potency, chemical makeup and nutrient levels along with other safety and quality details.

By using the Traceability as a Service Software (TAAS), you can track both chain of custody and the Safety and Quality of the Product.

CorTek will provide notifications of inventory inconsistencies, certification expirations and more. Our TAAS will handle the complexity of procedures like terpene extraction and injection and assists you to set targets and track actuals. It will track, not just cannabis plants and related derivatives, but also every other ingredient, material and packaging material used during production. Our TAAS will monitor each stage of production and will have a system in place to ensure all employee training is up to date. Preventative maintenance will be scheduled and tracked and hazards must be identified and controlled. In the event of an audit or recall, precise mass-balance calculations will be available to account for every gram of product, including non-cannabis ingredients like coconut oil and packaging materials like pouches and labels.

With CorTek TAAS, you will be compliant 365 days of the year. If a regulatory agency comes knocking on your door, you will be ready to show them a very detailed account of every aspect of your cannabis business. It is the difference between being compliant and keeping your license or being shut down.

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Our team at CorTek, boasts over 70 years of experience between them. We have an incredible amount of accumulated experience in programming structures, economic development, professional project management, dev ops and business development.

If you would like more information or to discuss how our Traceability as a Service Platform could benefit your business, shoot us a message today and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


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