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Traceability – Supply Chain in Rural Indigenous Communities During a Pandemic

We are living in a time of uncertainty and panic. COVID-19 has strangled the entire worlds economy.  Normally calm individuals, are panicking to buy large amounts of toilet paper, sanitizers, cleaners, masks, gloves and lastly food. This stress on the supply chain is making some things scarce in communities causing more panic…. after all, who…
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Traceability – Where does it fit in the Resource Sector?

As a software development company who has worked specifically with various resource sectors over the past 25 years we are uniquely qualified to dive in to this topic.     Put your hand up if you’ve heard this before….. Guy walks into the bush…. In Canada, much of our landscape is remote and with that there…
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Traceability – Transform Your Business Process Using Distributed Ledger Technology

Accelerate Performance with Traceable Process Automation Using the CorTek Bot, you can manage complex routing and distribution of tasks to employees in a wide variety of roles to equip them with essential information to:  Perform their jobs, Ensure adherence to protocols, Maximize productivity and downtime, and Create complete transparency per permissioned role all the way…
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